BabyU Waterproof Sheet Protector
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BabyU Waterproof Sheet Protector

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  • Manufacturer: BabyU
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Keeps sheets dry throughout toilet training!

Baby U™ Waterproof Sheet Protector keeps sheets dry through toilet training. No more middle of the night bed stripping = more sleep for everyone!

Tuck in flaps hold the bedwetting sheet in place on top of the bottom sheet while your child sleeps. When the bed is wet, there is no need to remove the sheets, just the BabyU™ Waterproof Sheet Protector!

Ideal solution for keeping your child dry at night for home, travel or daycare. Also suitable for adult incontinence and maternity use. 

Our Baby U Waterproof Sheet Protector features: 

  •   100% waterproof with non-slip backing
  •    Fits over the bottom sheet to protect mattress
  •    Protects sheet from moisture and staining
  •    Absorbent soft quilted cotton/poly surface with tuck-in flaps
  •    Size: Approximately 75cm x 85cm (fitting both single and king single beds)


·         The Baby U Waterproof Sheet Protector is Bleachable, Machine Washable and Dryable! The only protector sheet that ticks all three boxes! Important for accidental #2's (bleaching) and poor drying weather (dryer safe). 

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